”With an inkling of a suspicion my client would be eager to engage with horses and be open to a re-introduction I brought my client to Kathy (the trainer) and Tres (the horse).  The two of them warmed to one another and when my client was riding Kathy instructed her to take a couple deep breathes and when she did so did Tres!  It was a genuine moment of connection and because of that session my client made a commitment to attend and participate in a 90-day program focused on equine therapy.  Had it not been for Kathy and Tres, my client would have continued to flounder and try to make her way on her own.  Now she will have the support she needs to confront her challenges, make life-long changes and prepare herself for the rigors of life on her own.  This client will forever be served by her time with Kathy and Tres and I could not be more proud of all of them.”  ~ Lissa BA, CDPT, AAC

I had come to my session with Kathy and her horse Tres, looking to be less apprehensive with horses.  I did not realize I would also gain insight into my day to day much too busy life.  Kathy designed the session with my needs in mind.  She is a good communicator, patient and encouraging.  I felt very safe going into the arena with her.
The simple relaxation we did before was good to bring the focus only to what we were going to do.
What a feeling of accomplishment for me to walk up to this keenly intelligent animal.  The more I put my hands on him the more comfortable it felt.  I exceeded my own expectations!
We ended with me leading Tres around which is a great lesson in staying focused and present. As I lost focus, so did my horse, after a few more turns I was feeling much more confident in my abilities.  I remember thinking, I can use this in my own life.  It was a wonderful day!  ~Barbara

Magic.  As a momma I hate to see my kids struggle with the cards life has dealt them.  In 6 weeks, the things that have stunted them in achieving their highest potential have melted into our past.  With each week I see them standing firmer in themselves, more independent, sensory processing issues have come into balance and naturally have developed a love for horses.  We’ve experimented with man modalities over the years, they pale in comparison to equine therapy, courageous connections is absolute magic.  ~Anonymous