Who We Serve

Humans and Horses.  Sound too simple?  Well, it's really true.  Our core focus is embracing the incredible power of the human-horse connection.  How?

Riding Lessons

Are you the parent of a horse enthusiast that just can't wait to learn about horses?  Are you someone who used to ride but have some fear about doing it again? Or maybe you want to take up barrel racing?  Regardless of age, if you want to ride, we'd like to show you how.  We are here to help you be a safe and confident rider. 

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Liberty Work

Learn how to interact with your horse as a leader and a friend and experience a deeper, stronger connection than you imagined.  Through the art of give and take, compassion and clear communication your horse will grow to trust and respect you and become a willing partner. 

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Self Discovery

Interacting with horses can help you build stronger, healthier personal and professional relationships.  You will be amazed at what they can teach us about ourselves.  The result?  We become more effective at managing our own lives and consequently our relationships with family, friends and colleagues flow with ease.

Our clients are Individuals, of any age.  From children to corporate executives and everything in between.

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