Riding Lessons

We believe the key to superior horsemanship is to begin by building a strong relationship with the horse.  A relationship between horse and rider based on trust and respect will yield benefits and rewards beyond your imagination! 

No Horse - No Problem!  We have patient, lesson-safe horses available.

New to Horses?  We love beginners and can teach you what you need know to own, care and ride horses!  


  • Select a suitable horse based on your needs, experience, and style of riding.

  • Learn to halter, lead and work with horses from the ground to establish respect and set appropriate boundaries.

  • Overcome fears of being near or riding horses

  • Basic horsemanship skills such as walk, trot, canter while maintaining correct hand and body position.  Western or English tack

Ready to improve your horsemanship skills?
  • Strengthen the relationship between you and your horse or use ours, by spending time working with him/her from the ground.  Ground work can consist of: leading, backing, lunging, side-passing etc with minimal use of aids.

  • Improve overall communication with your horse.

  • Build upon your current riding skills in the discipline of your choice. 
  • Expect to experience greater balance and connection with your horse.
One Hour Classes
Lesson with our horse

Lesson with your own horse


Pay for 5 classes get the 6th one FREE


*Note: Arena &/or Travel fees might apply   



Instructor Specialties Include:
  • PATH Certified Riding Instructor

  • PATH Certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning

  • 4H Leader for 7 years

  • Western Games

  • Barrel Racing

  • Liberty Work

Horsemanship is the art of mastering our own movements, thoughts, emotions and behavior, not the horse's.           ~Mark Rashid