What is "Liberty"?  Here at Treszan we believe Liberty is a way of interacting with horses that promotes a 2-way relationship between you and the horse.  A Liberty horse can choose whether or not he/she will comply with your request. How do you influence their desire to comply?  By establishing a deeper connection and relationship with them based on respect and trust rather than punishment and fear.  Learn how to achieve the extraordinary with your horse and learn how it will help you in other relationships.  

You will learn to:

  • Find balance between your role as a leader and a friend.

  • Utilize subtle yet effective cues to encourage or stop movement.

  • Observe and interpret your horse's communication.

  • Rekindle the playful spirit within yourself and your horse. 

Benefits of Liberty
  • A responsive and willing partner that wants to work and play with you.

  • Improved performance while competing in whatever discipline you choose.

  • Greater awareness of your own state of mind, emotions and how those impact your horse.  

  • Understand your horse's triggers and learn how to disarm them.

One Hour Classes
Lesson with our horse

Lesson with your own horse

Pay for 5 classes get the 6th one FREE


*Note: Arena &/or Travel Fee might apply